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About us

ScubaDiverInfo.com happened by accident. It is the result of an experienced magazine publisher and editor wanting to learn about Scuba, and an experienced Scuba instructor wanting to learn about publishing and reach more people.

The publisher -- used to writing about products, developments and new experiences -- wanted to share his discoveries with others new to Scuba. He knew how to research, communicate, do websites, create magazines. But not so much about his new sport.

The dive instructor, on the other hand, felt a desire to better share her skills, knowledge and experience with a larger audience, more than just a circle of friends and small groups of students, but she didn't know much about capturing all that in writing and making it available in published form so many more could enjoy the wealth of her knowledge and experiences and benefit from it all. Quite obviously, there was a common passion and very complementary skills, so ScubaDiverInfo.com was born.

There are a large number of Scuba sites out there, and many are very good. However, we found that many either concentrate on a small aspect of Scuba, are dive shop sites (we love dive shop sites!), or just promotional landing pages for products. With this site, we wanted to systematically provide detailed information on all aspects of the scuba diving experience, from equipment, to diving physics and physiology, to safety aspects, aquatic life and all the great places out there that make diving so thrilling. We added two blogs, one for beginners where the publisher reports on his classes, his impressions, and his ongoing introduction to Scuba. The other for experts, where the experienced NAUI dive instructor reports on advanced aspects, and her still ever-growing passion for scuba. And each section of the site has a "questions" form where you can pick our scuba experts' brains.

ScubaDiverInfo.com will never be a static site. It is already chuck full of information and we're adding scuba-related news every day. The blogs are there, as well as perhaps the most comprehensive list of first-hand-experienced dive sites ever published on the web.

ScubaDiverInfo.com will also closely work with the great companies that support the scuba industry and create all the high quality gear we use. We'll review their products and tell you what's best for your special needs or requirements. We have extensive computer knowledge as well, and will give the dive computer industry a workout! Some of those companies will join ScubaDiverInfo.com as premier sponsors -- to their benefit as well as that of our site visitors -- as may some of the better scuba travel/trip agencies and dive resorts. And we will add advanced bulletin board software as traffic builds.

So there. ScubaDiverInfo.com. A new kind of website for scuba enthusiasts! Check back often, make us your Scuba homepage!

Conrad H. Blickenstorfer -- Editor-in-Chief

Scuba Questions?
Do you have any questions about scuba diving? Ask our experts!

ScubaDiverInfo Blogs
Beginning Scuba
We all have to start somewhere... and the beginnings can be humble. Follow the trials and tribulations of a scuba newbie.
Expert Scuba
Experience the wonders of advanced scuba diving with NAUI instructor and expert diver Carol Cotton Walker.

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