November 2007

Internet retailer recognized by Oceanic, Henderson
While the scuba industry often frowns upon internet sales, both Oceanic and Genderson recognized as an outstanding internet retailer. Oceanic's award came form's large sales increase. Henderson bestowed recognition upon for sales and customer support. is very aware of the rules governing online sales: “Shockingly, not all retailers of scuba equipment are authorized to sell the gear that they offer,” reports Melinda Herndon. “It is very important not to take the word of the retailer in this matter, but to check with the manufacturers directly. Purchasing life support equipment from unauthorized dealers may result in injury or death to unsuspecting customers.” has a resource page available with phone numbers and an authorized dealer page links to almost all of the scuba industry’s manufacturers at: -- Posted Friday, November 30, 2007 by chb

Do pony bottles make sense?
Almost everything that is truly important in life has a backup. Cave divers have backups for everything. The brakes in a car have redundant circuits. So why do most recreational divers have no backup for air other than their buddy? What if s/he is out of sight when something happens? Would a backup "pony" bottle be a good thing? [Read Pony bottles -- a good thing to have, or not?] -- Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2007 by chb

Oceanic DATAMASK with Heads Up Display
We've become fascinated with the Oceanic Datamask HUD that combines a dive computer and a mask. How how does it all work? Well, it's simply a case of the functions of a modern dive computer being built into the mask. If you look straight ahead, you have the same unimpeded field of vision as with any other mask. If you want to see the computer, you look down to the lower right. This is where the LCD screen sits, but you don't really see it as an LCD screen. It feels more like the data is floating ahead of you in space, or rather in the water. The datamask is not inexpensive, but also doesn't cost more than a mask and an advanced wireless dive computer. [Read blog entry on the Oceanic Datamask] -- Posted Thursday, November 22, 2007 by chb

We added a YouTube video page
YouTube is everywhere these days. Google has now teamed with YouTube to enable websites to include videoplayers that run YouTube clips that relate to the site, so we decided to try it out. Check out ScubaDiverInfo's Video page. -- Posted Tuesday, November 6, 2007 by chb