January 2012

About those new fishing limits in the U.S. Caribbean
A very widely reprinted Associated Press article says "US government imposing limits on fish catches in its Caribbean territories for the first time" (see example). Those interested in seeing the source materials to form their own opinions, check NOAA's Southeast Fishery Bulletin, the NOAA FAQ about the annual catch limit, and for those who really like all the detail, the NOAA Compreshensive Annual Catch Limit Amendment for the U.S. Caribbean that was actually released in October 2011. Other good sources are the NOAA Fisheries Service and the Caribbean Fishery Management Council. -- Posted Friday, January 27, 2012 by chb

The GoPro phenomenon: how much better is the new GoPro Hero2?
No sooner did we publish a big feature on GoPro and its tiny Hero high definition camera that's taken the world by storm than GoPro released the Hero2. Is the new Hero really twice as fast and twice as sharp, as GoPro claims? And have some of the issues we had with the original Hero been fixed? We gave the tough little Hero2 a full workout, both above and under water. [Read The GoPro phenomenon: how much better is the new GoPro Hero2?] -- Posted Tuesday, January 3, 2012 by chb