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ScubaDiverInfo.com says: BUY LOCAL! -- These days, we all buy more and more stuff on the internet, for a variety of reasons. Don't do that with scuba gear. For two reasons: The first is that building a relationship with your dive shop means they support you and you support them. So if you just pick their brains, try on all their gear, and then order from RockBottomScubaDiscount.com, don't be surprised if your shop goes out of business or if they dont like you so much. And then you have nowhere to go to have your scuba gear serviced or tanks filled!

The second is that you really and truly need to try out scuba gear before you buy it. You can research masks forever, and all the research won't tell you which one fits your face. Only trying it on will tell you that. Same for snorkels and fins and BCs and dive computers. You need to try them on to see if they feel "right." And, especially if you're new to the sport, you definitely want the local sales people explain it all to you.

That's why ScubaDiverInfo.com will honor a special local dive shop every month. Use this form to send in your nomination!

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